Ridden By Nature 
byKK RH Composer / Andrew Silagy Sound Design
An Exquisite and Mesmerizing Butoh Dancing Art Film where director KK is  lowered down onto melting Alaskan Glaciers from a helicopter. Full of symbolic portent.

Directed by Madhureeta Anand, Produced by Q and Celine Overdose. Composer Richard Horowitz–We-re-in-the-middle-of-gender-catastrophe-Madhureeta-Anand-.html
One of the most important feminist film ever to be made on the Indian sub continent. The repercussions with be global.

The House is Black
Richard Horowitz Sussan Deyhim composers. Directed by Sussan Deyhim Produced by UCLA LIVE / Simon Edery  starring Golshifteh Farahani ,Nazanin Boniadi,   Shahrokh Shah and Sussan Deyhim

The Wind Remains Skin Sand Water Clay Fire Drums Hands Throats Fire Music Spirits (working title) RH and Andy Karsh producers RH Composer Directed by Jay Bulger Karim Deggagh coproducer Andrew S. Karsch – IMDb‎ producers RH Composer Directed by Jay Bulger

Intersections Composer, Original Music Filmmakers: David Marconi
Director / Writer, Luc BessonProducer, Thomas Hardmeier – Cinematographer, Richard HorowitzComposer more »

Death for Sale
Filmmakers:Faouzi BensaïdiDirector / Writer, Bénédicte BellocqProducer,
Sébastien DelloyeProducer, Souad LamrikiProducerMarc-André BatigneCinematographer, Richard HorowitzComposerItaf BenjellouneProduction Designer, Danielle AnezinEditor more »

Filmmakers: Nour Eddine LakhmariDirector / Writer, Jarnes AngeliqueWriter (writer), Redouan BayedProducer, Luca CoassinCinematographer, Richard HorowitzComposer more » Younes Bouab Sonia Chraibi 
Mohamed Majd

Filmmakers:Deepak RauniyarDirector / Producer / Editor, Abinash ,Danny Glover,Joslyn Barnes  co-producer Bikram ShahWriter, Jyoti Keshar SimhaCinematographer, Apal SinghCinematographer, Richard HorowitzComposer, Vivek Maddala– Composer
Directed by Shaun Monson, Richard Horowitz, Sussan Deyhim  Yuko Sonoda and Cigarros  Music, 

Love in the Medina

Filmmakers: Abdelhai LarakiDirector / Writer (screenplay), Violaine BelletWriter (screenplay), Zaineb LarakiProducer, Caroline LocardiProducer, Roberta AllegriniCinematographer, Richard HorowitzComposer, Marie CastroEditor more »

Genghis Khan
Filmmakers: Ken AnnakinDirector, Antonio MargheritiDirector, James CarringtonWriter, William WeaverWriter, Enzo RispoliProducer, Richard HorowitzComposer more » Peter Zinner -Editormore »
Charlton Heston  Richard Tyson James Hong James Mitchum Julia Nickson Rodney A. Grant

The Question (OMG)
Filmmakers: Peter RodgerDirector / Writer / Producer / Cinematographer, Richard Horowitz- Composer Alexander BubenheimComposer, John HoytEditor
Hugh Jackman Ringo Starr David Copperfield Seal Bob Geldof Baz Luhrmann Jack Thompson Jack Thompson Mr. Andre Azoulay¹
Dr. Lawrence Blair¹Abel Damoussi

Silent Partner 
Filmmakers: Chris WellerCo-Director / Writer / Editor, John WoldenbergCo-Director / Writer / Producer, Richard HorowitzComposermore »


Skiing  Everest 
Filmmakers: Les Guthman – Director / Writer (screenplay & story) / Producer / EditorMike Marolt – Director / CinematographerKenny Fields – ProducerCherie Silvera – CinematographerRichard Horowitz – Composer more »

Caravan of Light
Filmmakers: Sahar Farmanfarmaian – Director / ProducerFernando del Sol – WriterShams Del Fuego – WriterBorna Alikhani – Cinematographer, Richard Horowitz, Joshua Penman – ComposersJean-Marc Abela – EditorMelissa Weigel – Editor more »

2009 Paul Bowles Centennial

paul bowles, leonard bernstein, raffaello de banfield tripcovich richard horowitz

Composer Richard Horowitz first met Paul Bowles in 1974 in TangierBowles recommended Horowitz to the American Academy of Arts and Letters for the 

Performances by composer Richard Horowitz (Cementerio de San Miguel) · 05/ 04/10 – 19:30: Presentation: Jane Bowles, últimos años. Málaga – Malaga Área de Cultura

Ante la tumba rehabilitada de Jane Bowles, también ha intervenido Richard Horowitz, creador de la banda sonora de la película El cielo


Since her musical acquaintance with Bowles in Tangier, in 1992, which quickly  Emilio Sanz de Soto, Sussan Deyhim, Richard Horowitz, who composed the  In 2009, he edited a portfolio of work by the next generation of Cairo writers for 


Download TALIM Paul Bowles Centenary brochure – Avuncular
Paul Bowles, Richard Horowitz and the Iranian singer, Sussan Deyhime. 1991, 52 …. the Bowles’s in Malagaand the Puerta Oscura literary review. Moderator 

Download TALIM Paul Bowles Centenary brochure – Avuncular
Paul Bowles, Richard Horowitz and the Iranian singer, Sussan Deyhime. 1991, 52 …. the Bowles’s in Malagaand the Puerta Oscura literary review. Moderator 

Homenaje ante la tumba rehabilitada de la escritora Jane Bowles
En la tumba reza la inscripción ‘Málaga a Jane Bowles 1917-1973′ y en la Jorge Herralde, Richard Horowitz o Miquel Barceló, entre otros.

The World of the Bowles Congress in Malaga – Calendar of Events

2008 Czech Golden Lion Music Award
Spiritual India River of Compassion  
Filmmakers:Charles Annenberg WeingartenDirector, Amy WaddellWriter (writer), Shalini KantayyaCinematographer, Girjashanker VohraCinematographer, Richard HorowitzProducer, Director, Cinematographer, Composer, Daniel LawrenceEditor



Filmmakers: Václav MarhoulDirector / Writer (screenplay) / Producer, Stephen CraneWriter (novel “The Red Badge of Courage”), Vladimír SmutnýCinematographer, Sussan DeyhimComposer, Richard HorowitzComposer, Jan VlasákProduction Designer, Ludek HudecEditor more »

Casanegra  Moroccan submission to the Oscars


Filmmakers: Nour Eddine LakhmariDirector / Writer (writer), Youssef Fadel¹Writer, Haitham IdrissiWriter, Luca CoassinCinematographer, Richard HorowitzComposer, Amine SnoopComposer, Badria Soud ElhassaniProduction Designer, Sarah MoutaEditor Anas ElbazOmar LotfiMohamed BenbrahimGhita Tazimore »

Meeting Resistance 

Molly BinghamDirector / Writer / Producer, Steve ConnorsDirector / Writer / Producer / Cinematographer, Daniel J. ChalfenProducer, Richard HorowitzComposer, David EmanueleEditor, Joel PlotchEditor more »

No Child Is Born A Terrorist
Filmmakers: Charles Annenberg WeingartenDirector, Christine SteeleWriter (co-writer) / Editor, Les GuthmanWriter (co-writer), Tom PollakProducer, Stephen OllsonCinematographer, Richard HorowitzComposer

A Jihad for Love 
Filmmakers: Parvez SharmaDirector / Writer / Cinematographer, Sandi DuBowski¹Producer, Berke BasCinematographer, David W. LeitnerCinematographer, Sussan DeyhimComposer, Richard Horowitz – composer.

Explore China 
Filmmakers:Charles Annenberg WeingartenDirector, Christine SteeleWriter (co-writer) / Editor, Les GuthmanWriter (co-writer), Tom PollakProducer, Stephen OllsonCinematographer, Richard HorowitzComposer

Beautiful Child 
Filmmakers:Fabrizio ChiesaDirector / Writer, Alexandra StarnitzkyWriter, Sol TryonProducer, Luke GeissbuhlerCinematographer, Richard HorowitzComposer, Joe LandauerEditor Cast:  Alexandra StarnitzkyBobie & VickyRichard HorowitzInterviewer  more »

Return to Rajapur 

Filmmakers:Nanda AnandDirector / Writer / Producer, Galt NiederhofferProducer, Emmanuel PappasProducer, Celine RattrayProducer, Dileep Singh RathoreProducer, Bergen SwansonProducer, Daniela Taplin LundbergProducer, Harlan BosmajianCinematographer, Richard HorowitzComposer, Agnes GoveasProduction Designer, Madeleine GavinEditor Starring: Justin TherouxFrank Langella

Kelli Garner Lynn Collins Manoj Bajpayee

David and Layla 

Filmmakers:Jay Jonroy¹Director / Writer / Producer, Harlan BosmajianCinematographer, Richard HorowitzComposer, John LissauerComposer, Peter YesairProduction Designer, Egon KirincicEditor . starring David Moscow, Shiva Rose Callie Thorne, Peter Van WagnerPolly AdamsWill JanowitzAlexander Blaise

Les Amants de Mogador

Filmmakers:Souheil Ben-BarkaDirector / Writer / Producer, Bernard StoraWriter, Sussan DeyhimComposer, Richard HorowitzComposer, Fatima DarsiEditor starring: Max von Sydow, Marie-Christine Barrault, Bernard Fresson, Violante Placido, Claude Rich, Yasmine Benbarka

Cowboy Up
Filmmakers: Xavier KollerDirector, James RedfordWriter, Al CorleyProducer, Eugene MussoProducer, Bart RosenblattProducer, Andrew DintenfassCinematographer, Daniel LichtComposer, Richard Horowitz – composer Peter JamisonProduction Designer, Anthony SherinEditor
Kiefer Sutherland Marcus Thomas Daryl Hannah Bo HopkinsMelinda Dillon Molly Ringwald Russell Means Anthony Lucero Pete Postlethwaite

Venus Rising Records

After two and a half years in Hollywood, Horowitz returned to New York again in 2001 to begin a collaboration with Sussan Deyhim, Shirin Neshat and film maker Gausem E♭rahhamian on a multimedia opera. Logic of the Birds was co-produced by Lincoln Center, Art Angel in London, The Kitchen, The Walker Art Museum and, Change in Europe. It was based on Attar˙s 12th century text and starred Deyhim as the female heroine, a mystic bird known as the Simorg – highly unusual for that century. There was a film shot, and projected by three DVDs onto three large screens, with a cast of thirty human “birds” in the film as well as surrounding Deyhim on stage. The music was performed and mixed live in surround by Horowitz.

Filmmakers: Robert Raphael GoodmanDirector, Larry GolinWriter (writer) / Producer, Rob Goodman¹Producer, Jacek LaskusCinematographer, Sussan DeyhimComposer, Richard HorowitzComposer, Sandy GuthrieEditor Rickson Gracie Burton Richardson

Any Given Sunday  BMI Music Award

Filmmakers: Oliver StoneDirector / Writer (screenplay), Daniel PyneWriter (screen story),
John LoganWriter (screen story) (screenplay), Dan HalstedProducer,
Lauren Shuler DonnerProducer, Clayton TownsendProducer,
Salvatore TotinoCinematographer, Richard HorowitzComposer
Victor KempsterProduction Designer, Stuart LevyEditor, Tom Nordberg¹
Editor, Keith SalmonEditor, Stuart WaksEditor. Starring Al Pacino Cameron Diaz
Dennis Quaid James Woods 
LL Cool J Matthew Modine  Ann-Margret Aaron Eckhart Jim Brown


Drowning on Dry Land


Filmmakers: Carl Colpaert – DirectorJulie Jacobs – Writer (screenplay) (story)Sheila Nayar – Writer (writer)Ruth Charny – ProducerSusan Shapiro – ProducerDean Lent – CinematographerRichard Horowitz – ComposerRon Planco – Production DesignerAnnette Davey – EditorGail Yasunaga – Editor Barbara Hershey Naveen Andrews Carol Lynley John Doe

Three Seasons Island Deaf Jam

Filmmakers: Tony BuiDirector / Writer (story) / Producer, Timothy Linh BuiWriter (story),Three Seasons
Jason KliotProducer, Joana VicenteProducer, Lisa RinzlerCinematographer,
Richard HorowitzComposer, Wing LeeProduction Designer, Keith ReamerEditor
Harvey Keitel Ngoc Hiep Nguyen . Ngoc Minh Duong Don 
Zoe Bui¹

MAJOUN Sony Classical

Mondo 2000 Interview
After the success of The Sheltering Sky, Horowitz traveled frequently to Los Angeles to work on film scores in the early 90s but eventually moved to London with Deyhim in 1993 to work on a CD for Sony Classical. The result was Majoun. “Deyhim’s molten melismas focused by Horowitz’s undulating and resonant instrumentation” (The Wire) Majoun was recorded in New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Morocco and Bali. The string section was recorded in Morocco with players from the Moroccan National Radio and Television Orchestra. It featured eerie, hovering violin solos by Abdellah El Miry and the great Indian violinist Chandru. The CD also featured were Doug Wimbish and Jaron Lanier, Byron Wallen, Steve Shehan, Reza Derakshani and Keith Le Blanc. The Majoun band toured The US and in Europe.


Also in the late 90’s Horowitz was asked to produce a group of Finnish Karelian folk music singers known as Värttinä for BMG. He was very interested in the group because they sang in the prose poem meter of an old Finnish dialect called Karelian – one of the languages that inspired Tolkien to write The Lord of the Rings. The album, Vihma, released in 1998, was No. 1 in Japan.


Returning to New York from London in the late 90s Horowitz and Deyhim were asked to compose The Gift of Love for Deepak Chopra. It was a charity project for Mother Teresa and featured an unusual combination of movie stars, poets and activists reading Rumi. Horowitz also worked on many other fund raising projects including the NRDC (National Resources Defense Council directed by Peter Rodger in 2001.

KRONOS QUARTET Nonesuch Records
arranged and produced Hakmoun˙s piece Saade recorded by The Kronos Quartet on Pieces of Africa

GIFT OF THE GNAWA Horowitz was also instrumental in the career of Gnawa musician Hassan Hakmoun during his first ten years in New York and he performed and recorded with Hassan on many CDs including Gift of the Gnawa with Don Cherry and Adam Rudolph. 

Winter Sleepers
Filmmakers: Tom TykwerDirector / Writer / Composer, Anne-Françoise Pyszora
Writer (novel “Expense of Spirit”) (screenplay), Stefan ArndtProducer, Frank Griebe
Cinematographer, Reinhold HeilComposer, Johnny KlimekComposer,
Richard Horowitz – Composer Alexander ManasseProduction Designer, Katja DringenbergEditor Ulrich Matthes Heino Ferch Floriane Daniel

Life Without Death 
Filmmakers:Frank Cole
Director / Writer / Producer / Cinematographer, Francis MiquetProducer, Richard HorowitzComposer  more »

GNAOUA FESTIVAL 1997 cofounder and artistic director for The Gnaoua Festival in Mogador (Essaouira), Morocco with Neila Tazi and Andre Azoulay. The festival attracts over five hundred thousand people a year and has helped raise the appreciation for Gnaoua both inside and out side Morocco.

L’Ombre de Pharon
Filmmakers: Souheil Ben-BarkaDirector / Writer, Adriano BolzoniWriter,
Girolamo La RosaCinematographer, Richard HorowitzComposer
Helmut Berger Florinda Bolkan Orso Maria Guerrini

Broken Trust
Filmmakers: Geoffrey SaxDirector, William P. WoodWriter (novel “Court of Honor”),
Joan DidionWriter (teleplay), John Gregory DunneWriter (teleplay),
Steven R. McGlothenProducer, Ron OrieuxCinematographer,
Richard HorowitzComposer, Brent ThomasProduction Designer, Glenn FarrEditor
Tom Selleck Elizabeth McGovern William Atherton Charles Haid Stanley DeSantis

Lakota Woman: Seige at Wounded Knee
Filmmakers: Frank PiersonDirector, Mary Crow DogWriter (biography Lakota Woman), Richard ErdoesWriter (biography Lakota Woman), Bill KerbyWriter, Fred BernerProducer, Toyomichi KuritaCinematographer, Christopher TuftyCinematographer, Richard HorowitzComposer, Stephen MarshProduction Designer, Katina ZinnerEditor

Quattro Bravi Ragazzi
Filmmakers: Claudio CamarcaDirector / Writer (writer), Aurelio GrimaldiWriter (story), Camilla NesbittProducer, Pietro ValsecchiProducer, Maurizio CalvesiCinematographer, Richard HorowitzComposer, Claudio Di MauroEditor Luigi Maria Burruano Corrado Bega

The Tower
Filmmakers: Richard KletterDirector / Writer (screenplay), John RileyWriter (story) (screenplay), Matthew RushtonProducer, Bing SokolskyCinematographer, John D’AndreaComposer, Richard HorowitzComposer, Cory LeriosComposer, Anthony TremblayProduction Designer, Bill JohnsonEditor Paul Reiser Susan Norman Richard Gant Annabelle Gurwitch Roger Rees Dee Dee Rescher


Filmmakers: Bob SwaimDirector / Writer, Nicola BadaluccoWriter, Pierre BenoîtWriter (novel “L’Atlantide”), Franco BerniniWriter, Christopher FrankWriter, Jonathan MeadesWriter, Angelo PasquiniWriter, Ennio GuarnieriCinematographer, Richard HorowitzComposerLuciano RicceriProduction Designer, Marie-Sophie DubusEditor Tchéky Karyo, Christopher Thompson Anna Galiena Jean Rochefort Günther Maria Halmer Claudia Gerini Fernando Rey Aziz El Fatihi

SEVILLE EXPO ’92 commission by the Moroccan Royal Cabinet to produce, direct and perform in Ritmos del Futuro Maroc/Seville the music for the Moroccan National Day at Seville Expo 1992. Horowitz invited ten “western” musicians, including Jon Hassell, Loy Erlich, Steve Shehan and two hundred tribal musicians from ten different tribes of Morocco.

1992  Orson Welles‘ Othello  40th Anniversary of the Palm D’Or filmed in Mogador in 1948. Mogador (Essaouira) Richard Horowitz concert for the European re-release of the film.

LA Thune 
Filmmakers:Philippe GallandDirector / Writer, Catherine BreillatWriter, Jean CazesProducer, Lila CazèsProducer, Serge SilbermanProducer, Hugues de HaeckCinematographer, Richard HorowitzComposer, Patricia ArdouinEditor  more »Sami Bouajila, Sophie Aubry

The Sheltering Sky Golden Globe and LA film Critics Music Awards

Filmmakers:Bernardo BertolucciDirector / Writer (screenplay), Paul BowlesWriter (book), Mark PeploeWriter (screenplay), Jeremy ThomasProducer, Vittorio StoraroCinematographer, Ryûichi Sakamoto-composer, Richard HorowitzComposer, Ferdinando ScarfiottiProduction Designer, Gianni SilvestriProduction Designer, Gabriella CristianiEditor  more »Debra Winger, John Malkovich, Campbell Scott, Timothy Spall, Jill Bennett

NIGHTSPIRIT MASTERS  Axiom / Island Records

In 1990, Bill Laswell contacted RH wanting to make a CD in Morocco and asked what music he thought would be interesting to do. Richard said it would be to record the Gnaoua (Gnawa) since their cello range sentir is one of the origins of the bass. They co-produced Night Spirit Masters in Marrakech for Axiom with liner notes by Paul Bowles. 

X –Isle Isle –X for the Hong Kong City Contemporary Dance Company. The piece opened in 1989 Hong Kong, the week of Tiananmen Square and featured



GIFT OF LOVE  for Deepak Choprawith Sussan Deyhim was a charity project for Mother Teresa and featured an unusual combination of movie stars, poets and activists reading Rumi. Jared Harris Madonna Goldie Hawn Goldie Hawn Martin Sheen Rosa Parks Robert Thurman DebraWinger Blithe Danner Colman Barks Sonja Sohn

LA MAMA – The Ghost of IIbn Sabbah
BAM Europe Tours Town Hall, BAM, The Kitchen, The Knitting Factory, Central Park Summer Stage, La Mama, Merkin Hall, and Carnegie Hall, the Ravinia Festival, New Music America LA, Arts Electronica Austria, among

Carnegie Hall – Desert Equations file://localhost/Hall 
hector zazou – taktic music


 l’art séculaire du chant a capella aux interventions d’artistes contemporains ( Jon Hassell, Ryuichi Sakamoto, John Cale, Richard Horowitz, Manu Dibango…).

Richard Horowitz and Sussan Deyhim Colaboration with Joseph Campbell,The Greatful Dead’s Mickey Heart and Jerry Garcia and Naut Human. Palace of Fine Arts SF 1986. In 1988, the duo was invited to perform with the Grateful Dead at a special event for Joseph Campbell. Mickey Harthad heard their CD Desert Equationsand wanted to play pieces off the CD for the event. They also worked with Hart, ghost writing for Max Headroom.
1982 to 1986 
RH performed and recorded with Jon Hassell playing mostly Prophet 5. At that point the band played mostly in Europe and Japan and included Michael Brook and J. A. Deane. He played on three of Hassell’s albums including Powerspot and Surgeon of the Night Sky  produced by Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois. He also performed on a David Byrne/Eno piece Blue Flame for Twyla Tharp’s The Catherine Wheel Video and recorded with Suzanne Vega among others.

ECM 1327



JON HASSELL (excerpts from the poetry of Richard Horowitz). fragments of hypnotic artifacts hang. suspended in articulated air. shards of 5000 year old dust …

Discography Brian Eno, J.A. Deane, Jean-Philippe Rykiel, Jon Hassell, Michael Brook, Miguel Frasconi, Paul Armin, Richard Armin & Richard Horowitz – Power
Horowitz Jon Hassell Excerpt.doc – nyen music
Brian Eno, JA Deane, Jean-Philippe Rykiel, Jon Hassell, Michael…jonhassellrichardrichardhorowitz/power-spot/‎
Dec 31, 2008 – Hassell Jon Power Spot J Richard Horowitz Ecm Jazz Touchstone.

Synthesizer – Jean-Philippe Rykiel (tracks: 2 to 5) , Richard Horowitz (tracks: 1) Trumpet, Keyboards, Composed By – Jon Hassell. Releases information. CD/LP: 
Hassell Jon Power Spot J Richard Horowitz Ecm Jazz Touchstone…‎

 Jon Hassell – Surgeon of the Nightsky Restores Dead Things by the Power of Sound music CD album $12.59 at CD Universe,  Richard Horowitz – synthesizer 
JON HASSELL The Surgeon Of The Nightsky Restores Dead Things By‎

Jon Hassell – Surgeon of the Nightsky Restores Dead Things by the 



Jon Hassell trumpet  Richard Horowitz keyboards  American trumpeter Jon Hassell’s “Fourth World” music drew on Minimalism, Asian and African traditions,




Recording with Sussan Deyhim started in 1982 at Noise New York after Frank Eaton
the owner of the studio heard their individual projects and introduced them. Frank handed them the keys to the studio and suggested they make a record. The release was in 1987 and has become a cult classic. Azax Attra: Desert Equations, was one of the pioneering efforts to create what would later become known as world music, drum and bass and trip-hop. High Performance Magazine described the record as “An electro-ecstatic universe imbued with a sense of ritual and the unknown”. The music was originally written for their first performance opera at Carnegie Hall. The LA MAMA run featured a gigantic 10-foot-long (3.0 m) bass speaker in the shape of a datura flower designed by Jack Weisberg and a three-sided 20-foot-long (6.1 m) revolving pyramid screen hung from the ceiling designed by Frederick Lahey. Two 16mm films were projected of Deyhim’s dancing on top of the subway grids (filmed shooting up from the tunnel underneath at 79th street). Azax Attra: Desert Equations was the first in a series of pieces that opened in New York toured internationally